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Welcome to a site of shameless self promotion!

   This does not come easy to me. I am a northern Minnesota boy. We tend to shun showy people. Up here, we value hard work and humble living. And its hard to convince folks who work in iron mining, railroads and great lakes shipping that writing and drawing is hard work.  But I promise you, its harder than it might appear.

   As a kid I was gifted with some artistic skills and a passion for storytelling. I drew space themed comic books and even created a slide show sequel to Star Wars that I showed the neighborhood kids in a makeshift theater in the garage.

   In high school I had some very supportive teachers who took me out of class to meet one of the editors of the Duluth newspaper. I started drawing editorial cartoons professionally. Then started single panel cartooning for many newspapers and magazines including DRAGON-The official magazine of Dungeons and Dragons.

   Right about that time Tribune Media Services took notice and put me under contract to develop a comic strip. I missed being nationally syndicated by one vote three times (that still hurts a bit). The led me to put my comic strip on the Internet, where Bogworld.com has lived almost continuously to this day.

   My upbringing in cold northern Minnesota inspired the award winning novel The Prank. Loosely based on things I may or may not have done as a mischievous teen to keep life interesting during the long winter months.

   A high school band trip to Orlando sparked a life-long fascination with Disney parks, which, years later, led to the creation of my "simplified guide" to Disney World Actual Factual Magic!

  Which brings us to today and all the fun new things I am working on which you can follow here!


T-Shirt of the Month!

I thought it would be a lot of fun if I could produce a new t-shirt design every month.  Designing logos and images for tees was literally my first job out of high school.  I guess the bug never left me.

    You will be able to click the shirt and buy one for yourself if you like the design!

    To start things off, a simple slogan shirt with a line derived from an old SNL skit.  Its a line I find myself using a lot.... Enjoy!...


I was told there you be

no math.