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Joseph Pillsbury is a Minnesota born author, illustrator, cartoonist.  He has written novels and created a travel guide book. He is the creator of the longest running comic strip on the internet He's now returning to his roots designing t-shirts and diving deeper into the world of photography. Click around and explore it all here!

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ALL PROCIEPTS FROM THE SALES OF THIS DESIGN WILL GO TO CHARITY TO HELP REBUILD BLACK COMMUNITIES IN MINNEAPOLIS. Please. If you purchase these shirts please protest peacefully. Click on the shirt to choose your style, size and color.

As a citizen of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, I want to do something positive. As an artist, this is all I could come up with at the moment. I hope it can do some good. Please note that it can take 7-14 days for orders to be fulfilled.  

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Its not cheap or easy to churn out comic strips, books and whatnot on a regular basis.  It takes valuable time, art materials, expensive computer hardware and software. The best way you can show appreciation is to buy one of my books or get a shirt or two. There are multiple colors, styles and styles (coffee mugs and stickers). These designs are a celebration of the things I love:  Pop culture, Disney, science fiction, and off beat /inspirational quotes.  More designs added regularly and older designs may get retired. So if you see something you like, don't hesitate. Order!  These shirts are designed by me but produced and printed and shipped by TEESPRING. High quality, well established, and respected promotional printers!  Here are some of our top sellers. More on the next page! Click on the designs you like for a closer look at options!  Designs are currently only available here!

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