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What you see here is some of the commissioned illustration pieces I have done over the years.  Its quite a hodge podge of different styles and medias.  I have been told I have a chameleon-like ability to change my styles to fit what customers request. From realism to cartoony.  I think its my preference to do the looser fun cartoon based styles.  I love to draw complex illustrated maps.  It might be why I took on the challenge of writing a Disney guide book. Above you will see images done in partnership with McDonalds, General Mills, Jeep, The Science Museum of Minnesota, Splitrock Studios, ADWeek Magazine, Game Informer Magazine, The Minnesota Zoo, and more.  I am semi-retired from doing commercial illustrations in order to put more time and effort into my own creative projects.  But I sure am proud of these and other pieces I have done and the amazing friendships made along the way.